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West Town Monona Tire
453 South Gammon Road
Madison, WI 53719
43.057182 -89.502286
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  Kafryn 09/13/2018
West Town Monona Tire has taken care of our cars (and tires) for many years. The staff are a joy to interact with, and they provide excellent service. As important as making sure that what should be done gets done, and gets done properly, they also make sure that they don't spend time (and a customer's money) on anything that *shouldn't* be done. I highly recommend them!
  Ron 08/25/2018
  Bob 08/24/2018
We have looked to West Town Monona Tire for auto repairs for over 20 years. They do a great job!
  Cheryl 08/09/2018
I appreciate the prompt service, friendly staff, and fair prices!
  Sue 08/09/2018
Great honest service
  John 07/19/2018
Excellent service as usual
  Mary Ruth 06/21/2018
Always helpful, polite and full of knowledge and will remedy a problem if it occurs.
  Ron 05/25/2018
  Rick 05/24/2018
  Tanya 03/01/2018
I had a flat tire. Brought it in on a Sunday. Couldn?t believe they were open to take care of my tire problem. That was such a convenience for me!! The guys were so nice and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of!! Definitely recommend this place!! They are awesome!!!
  Alan 02/17/2018
I always appreciate the honest and professional communication I receive from this business. The prices are fair, the work is exceptional and backed with a great warranty. Thanks to all the employees for their great work, it is truly appreciated! I highly recommend West Town Monona Tire.
  Bruce 01/26/2017
Very thorough; took the time to explain the repair and the vehicle maintenance inspection report.
  Glenn 09/20/2012
Always friendly and courteous and professional Will bend over backward to make sure everything is right---and it always is. Gary, Stephen, Ted, Brandon--great team of guys who do the best work in Madison.
  Aj 06/30/2018
I recently bought a used car and it was making a high pitched warbling sound at low speeds when NOT braking. The dealer promised to fix it before sale and did. But the noise came back after a week. Two more times the dealer tried with attempts (they said) included, re-lubricating the calipers, new rotors, turning, and removing rust from the rotors. Each time, after about a week, the noise would come back at low speeds when not braking. I decided to take the car to West Town Monona Tire which found the issue was a rust spot BEHIND one rotor on a wheel hub. Was told that knocking off the rust spot from the hub and re-turning the rotor it would fix it. It's been a few weeks and the noise is still completely gone. Excellent work! I'm leaving only a 3 star review because when I first went in, I got an estimate of just under $70. The bill i was presented with at checkout was $265 and the huge increase was a complete surprise to me. They said fixing the rust behind the rotors would fix the issue and that the pads were still good and that I MIGHT want to think about also going to new pads. I said that MIGHT be a good idea and then walked back to wait in the waiting room. When I asked why the bill was so much higher than the estimate I was told that they went ahead and installed "ceramic brake pads that are the best in the industry." Nobody came to tell me the price would be 4 times the original estimate or confirm that I wanted ceramic pads. So great job on a repair that the dealer wasn't able to do. Terrible job on surprising the customer at checkout. I'll leave more comments in the section that's private.
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